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How Do You Sell More Cars At The Dealership?

The car dealership expect you to sell as many cars as possible, and you must use many techniques to sell when you are working the lot. You have several options at your disposal, and each one will ensure you are selling more-frequently than your colleagues. This article explains how you will become an effective seller by working with customers instead of against them.

Be Honest

You must be totally honest with everyone you sell to. They will figure out that you are lying at some point, and you do not want to lose sales because you were stubborn about your selling tactics. Tell buyers the truth, and they will be more likely to believe you in the future. You will have freedom to speak to them about anything, and they will trust you going forward.

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Do Not Haggle

Give the customer what they want, and give them firm boundaries about how you sell cars. There is no reason to make them believe they will get a better deal when it is not there, and you should not tell them you must speak to your manager every five minutes. Serve your customers and they will be pleased. You will lose customers when they believe you are playing with them.

Sell The Best Cars

You must take buyers to the cars that you believe they will want to buy. Do not show your customers items that are not suitable for them, and do not allow them to believe a certain car is a good value if it is not. You may be perfectly reasonable about the value of each car on the lot relative to the buyer’s needs, and you will avoid the problems that occur when you have shown your customers cars they do not want.

Leave Time For Financing

You must leave room for financing, and you will find it much easier to sell a car to someone who is ready to finance on their terms. They may have a loan ready to go, or they may need your help. Do not rush your customers through process, and they will be pleased to chat with your about financing knowing the car is sold. The financing process should not feel like a chore, and you should not pressure your customers into a certain type of financing.


Be Thankful

You must be thankful to all your customers when they buy from you, and they will purchase from you more often knowing that you have been honest with them at every step. There is a rapport built with the customer that you cannot replace when you are honest with them, thankful for their business and give them space to think.

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Five Car Sales Negotiation Tactics For The Dealership

You may walk into the car dealership to purchase a new car, and you will find it quite simple to do once you have used the five tactics in this article. Each one will help you ensure you are saving money, and you will have the confidence that you are not overpaying for the vehicle you wish to buy. Each step will bring you closer to the price you want, and you will find yourself becoming more and more bold with each choice you make.

Mercedes car dealership

#1: Check The Sticker

Do not trust the salesman when you go to the dealership. You want to read the sticker for yourself, and you will go by what you see on the sticker. Any adjustments made to the price will come off the sticker price, and you will avoid the confusion that comes from asking the salesman to tell you everything about the car. You will use the single document to control how much how you are spending on the vehicle.

#2: Ask To Remove Fees

There are many small fees that you do not want to pay when you are at the dealership. You are much better off ensuring you have had all fees removed before you buy the car. There are many silly fees that will be washed away when you ask questions, and the dealership will ask you if there is anything else you need to help you close the deal. You are now negotiating from a position of power,

#3: Ask For A Discount

There are many sales going on at the same time when you are at the dealership, and they will offer you something marvelous if you are willing to ask. The discount you receive may be tied to a promotion that is coming up, or you will receive the deal of the day. You deserve to get a discount that is worth your money, and you must ask for the steepest discount they can give you. Everyone who comes into the dealership wants a discount, and you must be brave enough to ask for it.

#4: Be Ready To Walk Away

The dealership wants to sell you the car, and they will be nervous if you are willing to walk away. Give them a reason to ask you to stay by being businesslike about how you approach the deal. Walk away if the deal is not good enough, and ask them to lower their price until you are happy.

#5: Know When To Quit

You must have a stopping point, and you will find the car is as cheap as it will get. You will find yourself driving away in a new car that has a lower price.

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New week, new opportunities

Another weekend of racing in the books and yet another rainout as well. I traveled to Plymouth, Wisconsin last thursday to race a big money race on friday they had scheduled. We got there and it rained a little bit. The track looked to be fine, but the pits were declared “too muddy” and they canceled the race. I think they could of did something to get the race in, but they just didn’t get it done for us. Another waste of gas money to a race that didn’t happen. I came home and raced two local races on saturday and sunday.


Path Valley in Spring Run

Saturday was Path Valley in Spring Run, PA. It was the first time I rode my framer in 2 months or so. I was excited to ride it. The track was super slick and really hard to pass. I felt like I was the fastest one there, setting the fastest heat time of the night but my holeshots were just about as bad as possible and I finished 2nd and 3rd after coming from behind in both finals. I was pretty disappointed, but holeshots are part of racing, and I didn’t deserve to win getting holeshots like that! Piston Poppers TT was on sunday. I really like racing there because its real close to home and it’s alot of fun. Some good riders showed up to race. The GNC singles leader and factory suzuki rider, Jake Johnson was there. Along with Mick Kirkness from Australia, Nat. Number 88 Raun Wood, Brandon Robinson, and local favorite Don Mullen. I felt good all day and there was no reason I couldn’t pull of an upset. After beating Jersey Jake in my heat race and setting pole in both of the finals, I knew I was fast enough to get it done. The first final, I didn’t get the best of start because the rider next to me creeped on the line and I hesitated. I got off the line 2nd behind Mullen. I stayed glue to his rear tire the whole race. I tried finding a couple of holes out there, but I just couldn’t get the job done. After almost crashing off my motorcycle, I tried one last time to pull it off, but just came short. Jersey Jake was 3rd.


Congrats on the win Don.


The 2nd final, I was determined to win this darn thing. Before the light went green I saw a rider a bike length ahead of everyone else. Sure enough, they didn’t call it and I went into the first right hander wide open and still managed a holeshot. I settled in and rode a smooth, consistent race and won that main. It wasn’t a perfect day, but it was good. The bike needs to get freshened up and I can’t wait to come back again! I am going to take the weekend off to relax some and train alot getting ready for the next national in Tennesse on June 21. Thanks for all the support and hope to see everyone at the track real soon! Wish Shayna luck this weekend as she competes at her next pro-sport hot shoe in Dayton, OH!


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Hartford, MI Race Report

We headed out to Hartford, MI for this new track. I watched some videos on you tube and it looked pretty big and I grew up on clay tracks, so I was pretty excited. Shayna, her friend Becca, my girlfriend Amber, Myself and the dog made it out there by ourselves. Jimmy Varnes helped me out with some wrenching so we actually had a pretty good team for this day. I really look up to the whole Varnes family from Dolly & Jimmy to #89 Kevin, so it was cool to have them behind us.



There was alot of riders there. I think 54 or 56. First practice out, I was kinda slow. I didn’t feel slow, but our times proved I was slow as I was like 36th or something. I really have been sucking in qualifying to say the least. Not going to sugar coat that fact. Everyone was pretty close though, I just needed to change a little bit with the set-up of the bike. I think the 2nd round I was like 26th and then the final round I was 17th, so I was coming around. I was in the 2nd heat race. Coolbeth, Johnson, Jimmy Wood, Lewis, Logan Myers, Mataya, etc. I was on the very bottom of the front row and it wasn’t a good spot as the groove was up high and it was alot tackier near that. I was 6th off the line and that’s where I stayed. I didn’t gain much or loose much from the guys ahead of me. I knew I felt good, I just needed to put it together. In GNC flattrack, there are are so many good guys and we are all pretty close, that a holeshot is very important.

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Texter wins the Rutherford Memorial

I wanted to shoot everyone on update on my weekend. I race in Millersburg, Ohio this past saturday at the Ohio Outlaw Motorsport’s Rutherford Memorial. I did a major change on my chassis this weekend on my CRF 450. A bigger change then I have done all season long. I ended up winning my heat race and winning the main event by a straight-away. It felt good to take home the win a descent size purse.

I also entered the Open Pro Quad class. Bob Kline lended me a super fast Honda 450 quad for this race. It was paying $1500 and there were 30 super fast pro racers from all over the east coast. I never rode a quad before, so I defintley jumped in the deep end. I qualfied 20th, which wasn’t too great. However, I pulled a super good holeshot and won one of the 5 heat races! I was pumped to get in the main event, let alone on the front row. The thumb style throttle was really hard for me to figure out, so we put a real throttle on it. I got a really bad start in the main event. A rider crashed in turn three and I went to avoid him. I launched up off the banking at like 70mph, probably got 15 ft of air and went sailing into the pits. I got it stopped right before a parked fire truck, grabbed the front brake, pulled a 360 and joined the tail end of the race. I ended up working my way up to 6th place, right on the lead pack at the finish. Everyone was really pumped with my finish, but I was just happy to be alive, haha! That was one of the most scariest racing moments of my life. I think with a good start, I had a legit shot at winning.

I beat alot of the best quad pro riders in the country my first time ever riding one and I won the the pro motorcycle class, so overall it was a good night. Three wins in two weekends. I think we are heading in the right direction. I am having fun and feeling great.


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