We headed out to Hartford, MI for this new track. I watched some videos on you tube and it looked pretty big and I grew up on clay tracks, so I was pretty excited. Shayna, her friend Becca, my girlfriend Amber, Myself and the dog made it out there by ourselves. Jimmy Varnes helped me out with some wrenching so we actually had a pretty good team for this day. I really look up to the whole Varnes family from Dolly & Jimmy to #89 Kevin, so it was cool to have them behind us.



There was alot of riders there. I think 54 or 56. First practice out, I was kinda slow. I didn’t feel slow, but our times proved I was slow as I was like 36th or something. I really have been sucking in qualifying to say the least. Not going to sugar coat that fact. Everyone was pretty close though, I just needed to change a little bit with the set-up of the bike. I think the 2nd round I was like 26th and then the final round I was 17th, so I was coming around. I was in the 2nd heat race. Coolbeth, Johnson, Jimmy Wood, Lewis, Logan Myers, Mataya, etc. I was on the very bottom of the front row and it wasn’t a good spot as the groove was up high and it was alot tackier near that. I was 6th off the line and that’s where I stayed. I didn’t gain much or loose much from the guys ahead of me. I knew I felt good, I just needed to put it together. In GNC flattrack, there are are so many good guys and we are all pretty close, that a holeshot is very important.

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