Another weekend of racing in the books and yet another rainout as well. I traveled to Plymouth, Wisconsin last thursday to race a big money race on friday they had scheduled. We got there and it rained a little bit. The track looked to be fine, but the pits were declared “too muddy” and they canceled the race. I think they could of did something to get the race in, but they just didn’t get it done for us. Another waste of gas money to a race that didn’t happen. I came home and raced two local races on saturday and sunday.


Path Valley in Spring Run

Saturday was Path Valley in Spring Run, PA. It was the first time I rode my framer in 2 months or so. I was excited to ride it. The track was super slick and really hard to pass. I felt like I was the fastest one there, setting the fastest heat time of the night but my holeshots were just about as bad as possible and I finished 2nd and 3rd after coming from behind in both finals. I was pretty disappointed, but holeshots are part of racing, and I didn’t deserve to win getting holeshots like that! Piston Poppers TT was on sunday. I really like racing there because its real close to home and it’s alot of fun. Some good riders showed up to race. The GNC singles leader and factory suzuki rider, Jake Johnson was there. Along with Mick Kirkness from Australia, Nat. Number 88 Raun Wood, Brandon Robinson, and local favorite Don Mullen. I felt good all day and there was no reason I couldn’t pull of an upset. After beating Jersey Jake in my heat race and setting pole in both of the finals, I knew I was fast enough to get it done. The first final, I didn’t get the best of start because the rider next to me creeped on the line and I hesitated. I got off the line 2nd behind Mullen. I stayed glue to his rear tire the whole race. I tried finding a couple of holes out there, but I just couldn’t get the job done. After almost crashing off my motorcycle, I tried one last time to pull it off, but just came short. Jersey Jake was 3rd.


Congrats on the win Don.


The 2nd final, I was determined to win this darn thing. Before the light went green I saw a rider a bike length ahead of everyone else. Sure enough, they didn’t call it and I went into the first right hander wide open and still managed a holeshot. I settled in and rode a smooth, consistent race and won that main. It wasn’t a perfect day, but it was good. The bike needs to get freshened up and I can’t wait to come back again! I am going to take the weekend off to relax some and train alot getting ready for the next national in Tennesse on June 21. Thanks for all the support and hope to see everyone at the track real soon! Wish Shayna luck this weekend as she competes at her next pro-sport hot shoe in Dayton, OH!


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