I wanted to shoot everyone on update on my weekend. I race in Millersburg, Ohio this past saturday at the Ohio Outlaw Motorsport’s Rutherford Memorial. I did a major change on my chassis this weekend on my CRF 450. A bigger change then I have done all season long. I ended up winning my heat race and winning the main event by a straight-away. It felt good to take home the win a descent size purse.

I also entered the Open Pro Quad class. Bob Kline lended me a super fast Honda 450 quad for this race. It was paying $1500 and there were 30 super fast pro racers from all over the east coast. I never rode a quad before, so I defintley jumped in the deep end. I qualfied 20th, which wasn’t too great. However, I pulled a super good holeshot and won one of the 5 heat races! I was pumped to get in the main event, let alone on the front row. The thumb style throttle was really hard for me to figure out, so we put a real throttle on it. I got a really bad start in the main event. A rider crashed in turn three and I went to avoid him. I launched up off the banking at like 70mph, probably got 15 ft of air and went sailing into the pits. I got it stopped right before a parked fire truck, grabbed the front brake, pulled a 360 and joined the tail end of the race. I ended up working my way up to 6th place, right on the lead pack at the finish. Everyone was really pumped with my finish, but I was just happy to be alive, haha! That was one of the most scariest racing moments of my life. I think with a good start, I had a legit shot at winning.

I beat alot of the best quad pro riders in the country my first time ever riding one and I won the the pro motorcycle class, so overall it was a good night. Three wins in two weekends. I think we are heading in the right direction. I am having fun and feeling great.